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Looking for a sausage mix the entire family can enjoy? This is "THE ONE" you have been looking for.This is an authentic Italian Sausage Mix, with a little of our families spin on it.

So simple to make, just use one tablespoon of our mix for every one pound of your favorite ground meat.

Don't limit yourself to mixing our delicious Italian Sausage mix with ground pork. It's also fantastic with ground chicken, turkey or venison.


Each package makes up to 8lbs of Sausage. Bulk Packages can also be used to make 1lb of sausage at a time by mixing just 1tb with 1/4 cup of water and blend with 1 lb of your favorite meat.This product is home produced


(Ingredients: Salt, Fennel, Coriander, Crushed Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Caraway, Cayenne & White Pepper)

Mild Italian Sausage Mix

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